Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another 1 1/2 yard quilt finished!

Our neighbor turned 50 and gave a fabulous party!  I made him this quilt - he has a harley...  Chris was so happy to get the quilt - he showed it to everyone - I guess everyone loves  having a special 'blankie'.  I put red minky on the back and that was a big hit from him too :)  Happy Birthday Chris!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

So Happy Together 2014 Concert

 Caryn and I went to see the 'So Happy Together' concert, was so much fun!  Great music.  A few of the singers voices aged, but overall - excellent music!
Caryn bought an autographed picture of the Turtles.  We had such good seats - 4th row from the stage - Whoo Hoo!
Caryn took a selfie of us before the concert started.  I had to take off my "Happy Together" t-shirt - was way too hot over my blouse!
It was an Oldie but Goodies crowd at the concert!

Friday, July 4, 2014

What's been happening at our house...

Kaylee picked out a squash plant at the grocers the other day...

You can see the little squash plants :)
She will be responsible for watering it when she is here during the week.  Can't wait to get to eat one!
 My Auntie made me this birdhouse years ago and I have had it hanging up in this tree forever. This year we got lucky and some chickadee's decided to make it there home :)
Here is Momma going inside to feed the babies!  You can hear the baby birds chirping away when she feeds them.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Look who came to visit me this morning!

Boy he wasn't here for long, hubby was able to open a window and take out the screen and he flew out, but what a mess he made.  Poor little guy - was making a scared noise.  I will be using the screen doors for sure now, early in the mornings when all is quiet...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drum roll please ...


This is what I bought on our 'shop hop'!  I had no intention of buying a 221 Featherweight - it just spoke to me in the quilt shop!  I bought her at The Tangled Thread in Lyden WA.
I just walked by her and had to go back and look, then I touched her, and thought - ummmm? How much is she...
then I thought, and thought some more, called up my bestie in Illinois who has several Featherweights. Asked her if the price was right - and Nanci said - 'I've never seen a white one - the price seems fair!  So, Ruby came home with me :)  I am now going to google everything about her so I can learn more about what I was so lucky to get on our 'shop hop'.  Yahoo!!!!
A fact that I just learned...
In Great Britain a white Featherweight was sold, which was made in Scotland. Some "mint green" machines are also rumored to have been made, but opinions vary over whether this was really a green machine or merely a white one with a green tinge to the paint. Larry Oliver, a Featherweight collector on Compuserve, wrote to me: "I have seen a tan machine and a mint green machine (definitely NOT white). They were Great Britain models.
I also learned that mine was made in 1964 in Scotland at the Kilbowie Plant - thus the 221K

Sew Day #13

 Caryn busy sewing on the binding to Melanie's quilt.  She used the material for the binding the same as she used for the pink border - looks so pretty!
Here is the quilt all ready to go into the washing machine and dryer :)  Caryn did such a perfect job on this quilt!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Kaffe Fassett Quilt is finished :)

 Look what I got in the mail today!  My marmalade quilt back from
Debbie from quilts everlasting is offering 40% off for first time customers - what a deal!
Now to just sew on the binding and then machine wash it.  Got pillow case covers to make too.

                    A close up of the machine quilting.  The print I chose was a bunch of circles...

                                                                Another close up :)

                                                             And the back of the quilt...

I had Debbie quilt another quilt for me.. love the blue birds of happiness pattern!  Everyone knows how much I love birds!

Here is a pic of the throw that she also machine quilted for me.

                               The back of the quilt - her pattern really shows up!

So if you are in need of a longarm professional - I would highly recommend Debbie at Quilts Everlasting!