Monday, September 8, 2014

The Kid's are buying a new house!

Sara and Richard took us up to their new house that they will be moving into next month - so I took the opportunity to take pics!
 The kids already have some garden plots!  They even have a sprinkler system in them!  I get one of them to plant my veggies and herbs each year!  I can't believe I am so lucky!  Then the other two will be the girls... we will have fun planning our gardens!
Since the house was one of the models... it comes with a jungle gym - Melanie is already having fun on the slide!

 I told Sara it was good luck to take a picture of herself in the shower.  I did the same pose 24 years ago when we bought our house.  Too bad I don't have that picture on our computer!
                            A beautiful soaking tub - Life is Good!
Their kitchen is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!  So many cupboards!
I love everything about it!  There are gonna be alot of wonderful meals cooked and shared in this room :)
I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the house!
Silly me!

Halloween is coming....

Miss Melanie is going to be "Belle" of Beauty and the Beast for Halloween!  The kids are taking the girls down to Disneyland for a week during Halloween so the girls get to wear their Disney costumes while they are there.  Kaylee is going to be "Malificient"!

Happy Grandparent's Day to us!

 We got these adorable Grandparent cards from Kaylee and Melanie.  Kaylee drew a sun and moon which collided and made "Rainbow Dash" my little pony :)  Love the imagination of the girls!  
                           This is Papa walking Lucy!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kaylee's 1st day of 2nd Grade!

                                                  Off to the school bus!
                 Kaylee and Papa on the way to the bus stop :)
 When is she gonna get here?  The bus was 20 minutes late this afternoon!
                                                               Here she is!  
Kaylee said she had fun at school and loves her new teacher!
Win, win!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Parker's Quilt

Sara came and spent the day with me :)  Loved that!  I got her to help sew on Parker's Seahawk's quilt.  Between the two of us we got the top finished - now she will machine quilt it and then I will bind it and wash it up all pretty for Parker :) Notice those pretty pink socks Sara has on!!!!

Mother Myrtle's Fountain

We finally got Myrtle's fountain set up in the front yard.  I think it looks pretty good!  Love hearing water running while sitting on the porch.

Single Girl's Quilt

Sara finished piecing her quilt top!  I love it!  Can't wait to see it quilted and on their bed :)